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Ribbon Embroidered Daisy Branch Jute Bag

Ribbon Embroidered Daisy Branch Jute Bag

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★ Ribbon Embroidered Jute Tote Bag
- Eco friendly and cute. Perfect for grocery shopping, go to school, picnic, casual hangout.
- Size: 12.5 x 13.5 inch (32 x 34cm)
- Our bag has a lining, zipper closure and a zipper pocket inside to store your small items.
- Perfect gift for your beloved woman, or for yourself!
- Since our bags are all hand embroidered and sewed (not mass production), sometimes the fabric color or the embroidery color might be a tad different from the photo, depends on materials supplies at the time we make that bag.
- For other bag color:

- Small products using untreated natural jute do not fare well in machine washing. Products like tote bags and zippered pouches should be handwashed to prevent loss of structure and shape.
- Fill a sink or basin with cold water. Make sure you do not use hot water as it may lead to the fabric’s shrinking
- Add a small amount of mild detergent. You should use a liquid variety to avoid deposits
- Leave the item in the basin for five minutes. Watch the fabric to make sure it does not fray or come apart
- Stir the material with your hands gently
- Rinse the item in the sink under running cold water, making sure you do not twist or squeeze the cloth;
- When you take the item out of the basin, make sure you do not wring it – it may cause damages to the structure, together with creases. You can gently haul the excess water.
- Drying: Jute bags should be air-dried naturally.
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