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Quince Fables, the stories of quince

Quince is the fruit of love, fertility and unity. Ancient Greeks gave quince as a precious gift to celebrate weddings. It was offered to the bride to “sweeten” her breath before entering the bridal chamber, thus helping to promote romance and fertility.

When the spirit of quince appears, a doorway to love and successful relationships is opening. Quince reminds us to value those we love and who love us, and to express our love whenever we can.  It's a time of opening ourselves to love and remembering all of the love that we have experienced. It's our chance to share the most intimate moments of our lives with the people we care about.

Life can be exhausting and it's easy to overlook the people we love most, might it be our parents, siblings, friends, family or even our life partner. That's why it is so important to show our loved ones how much they mean to us, make time for them and take notice of their efforts. Time to look again, with love.

Quince Fables, the stories of quince, are told by thousands of handmade items. Handicraft products are the most valuable ones. They are unique, long-lasting and are made with love, care and patience, which is why they have a special meaning for people who receive them as a gift.

Crafted goods are not easy to make, but the effort that goes into them is worth it. They show how much time, attention to detail and care went into making them. Handicraft products show that people take joy in their work and that they value it as well as the person who will be receiving it as a gift.